Have you already married? If so, have you get your life harmonious? If you get your life harmonious and less from fight, you have to thank to God for all the praise that you got. Well, the fact in the world said that the life of people who have already got married is various. Some get happy, some got poor. The poor life of the couple can be got from their sex life. Why? Some of them may tell that their husband is having an erectile disfunction.

Have you ever known about erectile disfunction before? Here we are going to know about this illness to help you in preventing it. Well, some of the man may have these disorders. Therefore, knowing it will help you to prevent it soon.

Erectile disfunction anyway can be said as sexual dysfunction which explained as the inability of penis in maintaining the reaction during the sexual intercourse or sexual performance. Knowing deeper about this problem, erectile disfunction ways can describe as obtaining full erections at some time, such as when you were asleep. The second, you can get erectile disfunction due to some illness, such as Diabetes mellitus.

What cause this erectile disfuntion problem?

There are several causes that must be aware by all of the man in the world. The first is the bad lifestyle, such as smoking. As all the warning of the cigarette manufacturer, smoking can cause impotence. The second cause is multiple diseases such as diabetes and sclerosis. This illness affects the blood and nervous system. The third is aging. Getting older the people, getting weaker the ability in erection. The most important one is the psychological cause. It will lead you to the worst condition. Drugs and nicotine will also make you attach this sexual problem.

However, for you the people with the erectile disfunction are commonly make the women or wife feel the dissatisfaction. Therefore, they have to overcome it soon. Overcoming it start from the improvisation of your life. The choice is only on you. When you want to get a change, you have to have a will.

There Are Steps to Avoid Erectile Disfuntion

The first step that you can do to get it overcome is by stop smoking.

By having stop smoking, you can prevent a lot of illness. Heart disease, atherosclerosis, heart attacks, erectile disfunction, and stroke can be avoided. Smoking is harmful and expensive. However, your health is more expensive. Being healthy is a wonderful gift. The fact said that stopping it is not easy. But, the willingness will help you to overcome it.

The second is avoiding obesity.

If you are the people with obesity, you have to looking for the best way to get diet. The obesity can lead you to the motility. I know that all of the people love to eat. But managing all the things that you eat will make you healthy. Easting to live and life to eat is different. You can eat to life. Therefore, choosing the right dishes will help you to be healthy. Then, regular exercise will help you to look healthier than before. Easy aerobic will make you healthy. Besides, avoid consuming alcohol. Alcohol can lead you to get the diabetes mellitus too. Diabetes could be one of the risks in getting the erectile disfunction.

The last do the safe sexual activity.

Sexual activity which is not safe to be done will lead you to much illness. The sexual illness will lead you to the bad sexual problem which is worse than erectile disfunction. To know more about this sexual problem, you can try to go to the professional doctor and get the guidance from him or her.